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Contact us at or by telephone at +82-53-580-6500

Prices are based on US dollars at an exchange rate of 1,100 South Korean Won to one U.S. dollar.

$4,100 Keimyung Adams tuition for one semester (4,500,000 KRW)
$850 Room and board for a semester (950,000 KRW)
$4,950 That's under $5,000 a semester to learn foreign languages, meet new friends, and explore South Korea!

And for very competitive students there are scholarships available from 30% to 100% of tuition!
Financial Aid

All foreign students receive at least a 30% tuition discount. Foreign students are also eligible for tuition scholarships of up to 100%, equal to the ones Korean students receive, based on maintenance of GPA scores.

Contact us at or by telephone at +82-53-580-6500
Residence Life
Keimyung Dormitories

Room and board for a semester, from 950,000 KRW (US$850).
Meals are included at the campus cafeterias.
Each room comes with high speed internet.
Our dorms are safe, comfortable, and affordable. We offer language dorms in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
Tennis courts, mountain hikes, the east gate district, and the Daegu subway are at your doorstep.