Welcome to Keimyung Adams

Welcome to Keimyung Adams College, the international honors college of Keimyung University. Keimyung Adams is preparing talented leaders to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

The 280 hard-working students attending the highly selective Keimyung Adams College are the best and brightest— the elite among Keimyung University’s 28,000 students. KAC offers four-year bachelor degrees in International Relations, International Business, and Information Technology, with courses taught entirely in English. Most KAC students speak English at a near native level, and must score above 900 on the TOIEC and speak a second foreign language in order to graduate. Foreign language courses offered by qualified native instructors in Mandarin, Japanese and Korean enable our students to deepen their understanding of dynamic East Asia. Half of all KAC students have earned full merit based scholarships.

KAC’s goal is to produce a new generation of international leaders, instilling the values of love and justice advanced by our namesake, Keimyung founder Edward Adams, and providing our students with a comprehensive set of intellectual, analytical, and communication skills necessary to pursue a challenging and rewarding international career. Despite our short six-year history, KAC graduates have already secured positions with leading international governmental organizations, government ministries, NGOs, and international firms, and have entered top international graduate programs.

KAC’s native-English speaking foreign faculty have received doctorate degrees from leading graduate schools, primarily in North America and Europe, including from top-ten nationally ranked programs. Adams College’s professors actively pursue research, publishing in international journals, and are involved in the local media.

Our small college setting and low student-to-faculty ratio facilitates close classroom interaction. Each student receives individualized attention and guidance from a faculty advisor. KAC professors also participate with students in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, ranging from field trips to religious study, career planning seminars, and current event discussion groups. For the last two years, the Adams College team twice finished second to Seoul National University in the Korean Inter-Varsity Debate Association Championships. 

KAC maintains formal exchange programs with universities abroad and offers a dual-degree program in conjunction with the University of Nebraska. Generous scholarships to qualified international students are also available. With its modern facilities, qualified international faculty, and select English speaking student body, the college is nurturing the next generation of global leaders. We welcome you to join us at Keimyung Adams.

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Keimyung University

Keimyung University
was founded in 1954 by Presbyterian missionaries and currently enrolls some 28,000 students at three campuses. The university has graduate programs offering masters and doctoral degrees and both a medical college and nursing program. The university is famed for its beautiful architecture and grounds and was selected as one of the top 10 most scenic campuses in Korea in 2001. The main campus, Seongseo, features a traditional Korean village (Hanokchon), a museum with rare ancient texts, and a chapel with one of the largest pipe organs in northeast Asia.

Keimyung has an extensive performing arts program and its arts and culture center is a frequent venue for touring Broadway and London shows. Its deep collaboration with the Chopin Institute brings dozens of performance artists and professors to Keimyung from Poland each year.

Although its primary language of instruction is Korean, Keimyung University is unique in Korea in the scale of its hiring of foreign professors. It currently has over 100 foreign faculty actively engaged in teaching major programs or language skills in English. This is in addition to the many Korean faculty who also lecture in English. Subjects taught in English range from the sciences, engineering, and architecture, to the performing arts, humanities and social sciences. Programs in European languages such as Russian and Spanish are also offered. As a result, Keimyung currently has over 900 foreign students in attendance.
Daegu and South Korea

Visitors to South Korea are surprised to see a mix of traditional farming communities, temples, and markets little unchanged over the centuries, alongside high-speed trains and state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and fashion. With a temperate, four-season climate similar to that of the northern United States, Korea offers scenery, beaches, culture, and shopping.

Daegu, a city of 2.5 million residents, is near mountain park attractions with their rich autumn hues and ancient temples. The city is ablaze with colors in April and May when cherry blossoms and flowers bloom. International festivals bring jazz, opera, fine art, and body-painting to the city. Daegu is on a 300 km/h KTX train link bringing travelers within easy reach of Seoul's shopping and restaurants, Busan's beaches and film festivals, and Gyeongju, an ancient city of the thousand-year-old Silla Kingdom filled with ancient relics and temples. Daegu experiences hot summers and short winters with light snow. For a good expatriate resource about life in Daegu, go to Daegu Pockets.

Served by two subway stops, Keimyung's beautiful Seongseo campus is also bordered by a district of shops, pubs, restaurants, cafés, and nightlife near its east gate. Food awaits with fresh seafood, the special local pork, and the spicy Korean cuisine. Korean streets come alive at night in a bath of neon, and busy Banwoldang district in downtown Daegu has additional amenities for shopping, clubbing, and sightseeing.

Because our calendar has two-month breaks in January-February and July-August, Keimyung Adams is perfect for travel in Korea and around Asia or Australia. Shanghai is an inexpensive weekend trip and southern Japan is within ferry service. Low-cost airlines in Korea will bring you to vacations in the Philippines, Thailand, or other southeast Asian destinations.

How to Get Here
Daegu and KAC are easily accessible from Incheon or Busan international airports via airport bus, KTX train line, or connecting flight from Incheon to Daegu airport. Within the city, Keimyung University's Seongseo campus (the location of Keimyung Adams College) can be reached by car, taxi, bus, or subway line (Keimyung University station or Gangchang station).
Important sites at Seongseo campus

1. Main administration building
4. Bauer Hall student union building
13. Student dormitories
14. Adams chapel
15. Dongsan library
16. Keimyung hanakchon
22. Hengseo museum
28. Main gate
29. East gate
30. South gate
33. International center (Keimyung Adams College)
34. Arts & culture center

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